Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Horse mirage1

First stage of another painting from the outback. We travelled for 350k's without seeing another car and during that time we came across a herd of horses that were walking towards a mirage. It reminded me of the Native American painting of the Vanishing Breed, these horses out in the middle of nowhere, no feed on the ground, terrain like a Marscape, the harshness and yet the beauty, heading into the haze...vanishing. This part of the trip really touched my heart. Lots of work to go on this painting, have not put the horses in yet. Will post next stage with the original photo.


  1. hi Lindy !!!!
    i loved to have discovered your blog today !!!

    see you !!!

  2. Thanks Caio, glad you like my blog. Have been busy painting the last few weeks will post more of my art very soon...Cheers Lindy