Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just got back from what started out as a 3 week holiday and turned into a 4 week holiday. A friend and I went on a four wheel drive/camping/swagging (sometimes the luxury of a hotel room) trip to the Outback. We travelled approx 4,300 k's, what a fantastic time we had, the landscape, the stars at night, the people, the animals...absolutely wonderful for the soul. The photo above is of the Dingo Fence that runs on the border of Queensland/NSW, South Australia/NSW, you have to drive through a large gate to go into state, this was at a place called Cameron Corner, the dirt is the most beautiful rich earth red and as fine a icing sugar. I loved the Outback. A big Thankyou to the Davies family who allowed us to camp for a couple of days on their station on the banks of the beautiful Darling River near Wilcannia, country hospitality you cannot beat it! Have been painting madly since I returned home, is taking a while to get my head space back here, but it's coming. Will post what I have done soon.


  1. Sounds like you had a great trip Lindy. I look forward to seeing what you are working on now!

  2. That sounds like a fabulous holiday must have been so inspired by the beautiful outback ..looking forward to seeing what you are painting and maybe catching up with you soon :-)