Thursday, January 28, 2010


Another one in my series of Australiana wildlife. I feed 6 kookaburras every day. The families live in the gums around my home. I love their call. Hope you like.
Original for sale: also available in A3 Linen ripple prints.


  1. Gorgeous work Lindy!
    I am very partial to Kookaburras, our local loner has found himself (herself? ) a mate, and has a new baby, now there are a few of them about, they are such beautiful trusting characters!
    I Love your koala also, you have captured the character in his eyes perfectly! I could go on... but all your work is so good!!

  2. Congratulations for the Blog

    Greetings from creativity and imagination pictures of Jose Ramon

  3. Great Bird! I love the painting and I love that bird. MY friend is the bird trainer at the Cincinnati Zoo and he has a very tame one he brings out and it is great to photograph and to paint.

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