Friday, June 5, 2009

A Mother's Love

This is a one of my commissions. The owner phoned me when the foal was born and I went round the next day, the foal not even 24 hours old to meet her, sit in wonderment of the miracle of birth and take photos for my painting.  What an honour!
 I love the way  it feels like the mare is cuddling her foal and the foal is hiding behind her mum for protection.  The mare's name is Stevie and the foal is Kunarma. To me it just speaks volumes of a mothers love  for her baby regardless be it human or animal. SOLD


  1. Hi Lindy. Thanks for checking out my blog. Looks like you have some good things going with yours. Will keep an eye on it.
    God bless and happy painting

  2. Thanks you so much Les for your comments, trying to get the blog off the ground, still new at this IT stuff. Isn't if great that it opens up the doorway to wonderful like minded people around the world. I love your work Les, thanks for your blessings. Cheers Lindy