Sunday, July 12, 2009

Together 4 Ever

This is the pastel painting that I use as my logo on my business cards with the caption above their heads 'the eyes are the window to the soul'. I could almost feel the hair on their coats as the painting was coming to completion, they came to life! Lot's of long hours into the night and seeing the sun come up went into this one. I love these guys! You know when some paintings get you in the zone (that's what I call it) and you find it so hard to move away from it, the painting takes over, I just love that feeling....anyone else out there knows what I mean or am I a bit to hear your thoughts. Available in Ltd Edition Canvas Print, A3 Linen/Ripple Block Mounted prints and Greeting Cards.


  1. Incredible painting Lindy..Funny ..weren't we just talking about feeling when painting ...this afternoon? I have only just read your blog , honest. This painting is very striking and I can definately ' feel' the eyes as I look at it ..

  2. Thanks Kathy and thanks for yesterday. I really enjoyed meeting you, Manny and your gorgeous dog.Look forward to having more great chats and coffee together. Cheers Lindy

  3. Lovely painting Lindy, pleasure to look through your blog:)